Thursday, June 14, 2012

Win a ticket to the UK premier of The Creator on #Turing's birthday

The directors of The Creator, Al & Al, have given The Universal Machine a ticket to the premier at Manchester's Cornerhouse on July 23, the centenary of Turing's birth.

    The UK Premiere of The Creator, will be followed by a Q&A with the artists hosted by Visual Art Programme Manager and producer, Bren O'Callaghan. A far cry from the dry, sanitised interpretations of a man once shunned but now revered as a master of modern mathematics, Al & Al have chosen to blend fact with fantastical speculation in this, the re-telling of that fateful day when Turing chose to end his own life. Touching upon the myth of Snow White, Turing's doomed encounter with his lover Arnold Murray (only yards from the current Cornerhouse site), his subsequent experimentation with Jungian psychoanalysis and the nature of human physicality versus artificial consciousness, this is both a dream of loss and sweat-beaded nightmare. This will be an opportunity for you to put your questions to filmmakers Al & Al and delve deeper into the making of their work.
   So here's how you can enter the competition. At the top of this blog you'll see a tab labelled "Free Chapter." Click on this and you can download a pre-publication version of chapter 7 of The Universal Machine. Download the version you prefer, read it and write a short review (300 words max.) and send your review to the Universal Machine. I'll select the winner from the entries and you'll be notified of how to claim your ticket for the premier of The Creator. The winner will be asked to place their review on Amazon's web page for The Universal Machine.

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