Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Learning to play poker...

The Game AI group at the University of Auckland have been playing poker since 2007. Over the years a case-based Texas Hold'em poker bot, called Sartre, has been improving its performance both against other poker bots in the Annual Computer Poker Competition and people via our online poker bot.  The online poker bot retains each hand of poker played as a new case and so over time it learns to play against people better as it's experience of the game grows.
    When you play against Sartre you may win several hands in a row, you may even win a considerable number of hands. But, on the whole Satre wins and the graph below proves it. Sartre is now consistently on average winning 0.35 sb/h. It is consistently in profit. Of course this comes with a big caveat - we're not playing for real money and consequently some players tend not to fold when the should because they want to see the outcome of the hand.

from The Universal Machine

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