Monday, May 6, 2019

Quantum computing - What it is, and how we do it

The first of the 2019 free Gibbons Lectures will be presented by: Dr Michael Dinneen,  School of Computer Science, University of Auckland, on the topic: Quantum computing: What it is, and how we do it. Further details are here.
The lecture is on the 8th of May. Refreshments will be provided from 6pm at 260.088, Level 0 of the Owen G Glenn Building.
Lectures will commence at 6.30pm, and take place in OGGB3 (260.092) on Level 0 of the Owen G Glenn Building.  
The lecture will be streamed live and later available as a podcast.

This lecture is run in partnership with IT Professionals NZ, Auckland ICT Graduate School and Dr Beryl Plimmer.

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